Instant Pot Boiled Eggs

Looking for the best method to make hard boiled eggs? Use your Instant Pot! We’re teaching you how to make perfect hard boiled eggs every time with the  5-5-5 method.




Instant Pot

– Place a trivet, basket or egg rack in the bottom of the Instant Pot liner. – Add 1 cup of water. – Place eggs carefully into the basket or trivet, being careful not to crack them.

Close lid and set the vent valve to sealing. Press manual high pressure and set the timer for 5 minutes. Natural release for 5 minutes. Then quick release.

Pace the eggs in a bowl of ice water. Allow the eggs to sit in ice water for 5 minutes.

The eggs peel beautifully and have no discoloration.

Serve with a side of:

Deviled Eggs

Breakfast Casserole

Artisan Sourdough

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