Peach Crumble Cinnamon Rolls

These peach crumble cinnamon rolls are sure to become a breakfast favorite. They’re made with fresh peaches, a crunchy streusel topping and glaze.

Key Ingredients


sugar and flour


vanilla and cinnamon

fresh peaches

Blanch the peaches, then dunk in ice cold water. This will help them peel easily.

Roll out the buttery, homemade dough and cover with cinnamon filling.

Dice the peaches and then sprinkle them on top.

Place in a baking pan to rise 20 minutes, then add our secret ingredient for gooey rolls.

Mix together the crumble ingredients.

Top the cinnamon rolls with crumble and bake.

Add a simple vanilla glaze on top and enjoy these fluffy soft cinnamon rolls.

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