how to steam broccoli {4 ways}

Broccoli is a delicious vegetable full of health benefits. Learn how to steam broccoli 4 ways to ensure it is perfectly tender.




Cut the bunch of broccoli off of the stalk and into bite size florets. Discard the stem, save it for another use, or you can steam it as well. If you choose to steam the stalk, use a potato peeler to peel away the tough outsides of the stalk, then slice it into bite size pieces.

Method 1:  Add 1 inch of water to a medium saucepan. Place the steamer basket into the pan. Bring the water to a boil.Place the broccoli florets into the steamer and cover the pan with a lid. Reduce the heat to low and steam for about 5-6 minutes until the broccoli is tender.

Method 2: No Steamer Basket. Follow the instructions above, except place the broccoli florets directly in the water instead of in the steamer basket. Cover and steam for about 4-5 minutes.

Method 3: Microwave Place the broccoli florets in a microwave-safe bowl and pour 4 tblsp of water over the top. Cover the bowl with a microwave safe lid or plate. Cook for about 2-4 minutes, then check it to make sure it is tender. If it is not yet tender, cook for an additional minute at a time .

Method 4: Instant Pot. Place 1 cup of water in the insert of the Instant Pot. Place the steamer basket into the insert. Add broccoli in the steamer basket. Place the lid and set the valve to seal. Set the timer to pressure cook on high for zero minutes. When the timer goes off, open the valve to quick release.

My favorite?  Steamer Basket!

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