A Sugar Addict’s Hints for the Whole30 Challenge: Week Two

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Week two of our Whole30 Challenge is down. We’re half way there!

A Sugar Addict's Hints for the Whole30 Challenge


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I’m so glad this week is over. It’s wasn’t a terribly bad week, but it was definitely a harder week than last. Whole30 puts out a timeline and you’ll see on that timeline that this week includes some of the hardest days. And they hit. Hard.

The first few days I craved everything I wasn’t supposed to eat. But I didn’t cave. I even made it through working on a recipe for shortbread cookies with chocolate ganache. Two of my favorite things. It’s the hard part of being a dessert blogger and trying to say no to sugar. Deadlines loom and I have to deliver on recipes that I’ve promised.

But with success and not too bad of an attitude (and forgiveness from my family when I did have a bad attitude), I made it.

Here’s what the week looked like.

A Sugar Addict's Hints for the Whole30 Challenge

Week 2

Saturday, January 9: Hard. My parents were visiting from out of town. Usually when we have house guests I make sure we are stocked up on plenty of freshly baked cookies and pancakes for breakfast. Not this time, though. That doesn’t mean I didn’t crave them. The day was hard to resist cravings, but it was a Saturday, so it was a good day.

Sunday, January 10: Sundays always go so quickly. Church in the morning, lunch and nap in the afternoon. Then we have to clean the house to host small group at our house. I fixed our Whole30 potato salad so Matt and I would for sure have something filling to eat. I love that everybody enjoys this salad. Even those who aren’t on Whole30!

Monday, January 11: I was so looking forward to the potato salad leftovers for lunch on Monday. I gave half of what was left over to Matt for lunch and safely tucked the remaining salad in the fridge for my enjoyment. I was later eating lunch than the kids, opened the fridge to find my potato salad….gone.  One of the kids had eaten my potato salad! I removed names to protect the innocent. Oh wait….he wasn’t innocent. It was Braden! I mean, I’m glad he likes to eat healthy stuff and all, but he’d been eating birthday cake all.weekend. I forgave him relatively quickly. Who can resist freckles?

A Sugar Addict's Hints for the Whole30 Challenge

I also threw my back out on Monday. I was trying to be a good girl and put in some exercise time. I did about 2 swings of the kettle bell and felt a sharp twinge. Ugh. No more exercise. Then I injured my back more when I was changing clothes. For most of the week my back hurt terribly when I stood up or sat down. As long as I was moving I was OK. Normally a frustrating experience like a silly injury would make me stuff my frustrations in chocolate. This just made Monday and Tuesday even harder than it had to be.

Tuesday, January 12: I woke up thinking because it was the 12th that I was on day 12. It was only day 11. Bummer. I was hungry. The entire day. I felt bloated, which I would normally fix with a cookie. Makes sense, right? I kept chugging the water. For dinner we had meatballs with my homemade spaghetti sauce and spaghetti squash. Dinner was good, but this definitely ranked as one of the hardest days yet.

Wednesday, January 13: I woke up hoping that my back would be better, but it wasn’t. I was starting to feel lethargic. I hadn’t been out much at all since Sunday and I was feeling my lack of exercise. Eating healthy definitely helps when I can’t exercise, but when you’re used to exercising 5 times a week, not exercising for 5 days in a row gets long. I wasn’t as hungry this day. Cravings seemed to be going away. This was the day I was supposed to wake up with boundless energy, but that wasn’t the case. I took a nap in the afternoon which seemed to help greatly.


(Photo from Sleep, Eat, Gym, Repeat!)

Thursday, January 14: I feel like Thursday was the day I turned a corner. I woke up with more energy. The alarm went off at 5am and I felt AWAKE! My back felt much better, so Maddie and I ran 2 miles. My cravings were gone and my 3 main meals kept me satisfied throughout the day so I didn’t feel like snacking. This was the day I was waiting for. We had a delicious dinner of garlic pot roast and mashed potatoes. I spent after school hours working on a healthy recipe to share with you all. One that wouldn’t tempt me. Well, it did tempt me, but I was fully able to lick the spoons as I prepared the recipe. 🙂 I worked hard all day and fell asleep at 7:30 pm that night. Boundless energy from 5 am to 7 pm? I’ll take it.

Garlic Bacon Pot Roast - Tastes of Lizzy T

Friday, January 15: I consider this another huge success day. I had to make this ho ho layer cake for a dinner with friends. You know what? I was able to make the whole cake and although it looked good? I didn’t crave it and I wasn’t tempted to lick spoons or even eat it. I made the cake for the fun of making the cake and shared it with friends. It was a good day.

The week started roughly, but finished well. Two weeks down, 2 weeks to go. 

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