juice pouring over fresh vegetable salad


When you think “salad”, most likely what comes to mind is a big green leafy salad. Don’t forget pasta and potato salads, chicken and vegetable salads.

It always surprises me, but salads are one of my family’s favorite meals. Just when I think they’ll roll their eyes at salad for dinner, they don’t! They pile their plates high with fresh veggies, cheeses, and more.

Are salads healthy?

You may think that salads are one of the healthiest types of meals you can eat, but you really must be careful. Although lettuce and veggies are low carb and low in calorie, the toppings that you add to the salad (think cheese, croutons, meats, dressings) can really add up in calories. If you eat a loaded salad you may be surprised at how many calories are actually in it.

How many types of salads are there?

When you think “salad”, most likely what comes to mind is a big green leafy salad. But lettuce salads are only one type. Other salads you might be familiar with are: pasta salads, potato salads, chicken salads, side salads, and vegetable salads. (And do Jello salads count?? Haha!)

What is a good lettuce for salad?

If a salad recipe calls for a certain type of lettuce, we recommend using the one the recipe calls for. Otherwise, romaine and iceberg lettuce tend to be the most popular, but darker green leafy vegetables are the healthiest.

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