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Main Dish Recipes

Our Family’s BEST Main Dish Recipes
Never wonder “What’s for Dinner?” again! Here you’ll find all of our best main dish recipes for dinner inspiration.

I’ll admit it. Although we cook for a job and enjoy creating recipes for you, I often find it really hard to find something to put on the dinner table. I often think I need to always have new main dish recipes to try, but sometimes grandma’s old fashioned recipes are just what I need.

This website is our collection of some of the best old classics, peppered with twists on original recipes with beef, chicken, pork and more. You’ll even find vegetarian recipes for Meatless Monday!

What is the difference between dinner and supper?

Dinner usually refers to the main meal of the day, whether midday or in the evening, and is normally formal. Supper is a term for a meal served in the evening, normally light and informal.

What time should you eat dinner?

Generally speaking, it is better to eat your main meal of the day before 6:30 PM. Of course this all depends on your schedule, but if you eat a large meal too late in the day, it can affect your sleep and may not be the best for your health. It’s good to let your dinner digest slightly before heading to bed.

What to Make for Dinner

You’ll love our easy main dish recipes such as casserole recipes with beef or chicken. Many of these casseroles are freezer friendly, making them easy to pull out on busy weeknights.
Sheet pan dinners and grilling recipes are no-fuss and easy to clean up. Perfect for summer picnics and cool winter nights.
And don’t forget entree recipes for special family gatherings and holidays. This is where our comforting family recipes really shine. From roasts to turkey to lasagna dinners, you’re guaranteed to find something new to try.

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Newest Main Dish Recipes