Although I’ve never been a professional cake decorator or baker, I’ve spent the past 30 years learning what makes a good cake. That means not only about ingredients, but also about techniques and different cake types.

We’ve made the mistakes for you so that you can make the cakes perfectly!

Our cake recipes have been some of our most popular recipes from the very beginning of Tastes of Lizzy T. You loved them so much that we decided to create a community just for people who love cakes as much as we do (read about The Best Cake Recipes Community).

On this site you’ll find cakes for EVERY occasion. They aren’t fancy or ornately decorated cakes, but they are either semi-homemade or homemade cakes for every day. No special occasion needed!

How to Make a Cake Mix Taste Better

If you’re still nervous about making a cake from scratch, we get it. It takes time to conquer those fears! Cake mixes can be a great starting point and we have a few hints to give a box cake mix a homemade flavor:

  • replace the oil with butter
  • replace the water with milk
  • add an extra egg
  • for chocolate cake, replace the water with strong coffee

Any of these hints will change the texture of the cake slightly and make it taste a little more special.

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