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Appetizer Recipes

Hot, cheesy dips, bite size meatballs, veggie trays, charcuterie boards and holiday cheeseballs. Whether it is game day, party day or a last-minute family gathering, find a new appetizer to love.

You’re hosting a party or a family holiday meal. The dinner menu is set but what if you’re looking for an introduction to the meal. Something for guests to snack on while you prepare the table.

Conversation and food always go together, so it’s great to have a list of easy appetizer recipes that you know and love. They can be quite the ice breaker for a party…and great for game day too.

What is appetizers food?

Appetizers are small dishes of food. They are often called hors d’oeuvres or finger foods. They are often served at the beginning of a meal. Sometimes they are elegant like crab rangoon. Other times they are fun and comforting like pimento cheese dip. They often are “finger foods” meaning you don’t need utensils to eat them.

That’s one reason why they are great for parties….less dishes to wash!

What are the types of appetizers?

There are several different categories of appetizers. Some may fall into one or more categories. Our party foods generally will fall into one of 4 categories: hot appetizers (kebabs or baked nachos), cold appetizers (mini sandwiches or pinwheels), dips (cheeses and salsas), and vegetables such as corn relishes or veggie trays.

How many appetizers should I serve?

It’s a general rule that for 8-10 guests, you’ll want about 3 different appetizers sitting out for guests to choose from. For a large party of more than 40 people, plan about 8 or 9 appetizers.

Game Day Appetizers

Firecracker Chicken Nachos

Irish Nachos

Buffalo Wings

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Holiday Appetizers

Chipotle Cheddar Gougeres with Cilantro Lime Dip

Crispy chipotle cheddar gougeres puffs flavored with chipotle and cheddar served with a cool cilantro lime dip. A great party appetizer! Chipotle Cheddar Gougeres with Cilantro Lime Dip Just a few more…

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