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Paleo Recipes

We took our family’s favorite comfort foods and turned them into Paleo-friendly recipes. They are all gluten free, grain free, dairy free and sugar free.

If you are looking to eat healthier, many people turn to the Paleo diet. So what exactly is this latest craze? It’s actually very simple. And we’re breaking it down for you today.

What is a Paleo diet?

When you think of a paleo diet, the simplest way to think about it is to eat food that in the past could have been hunted and gathered. Nuts, lean meats, vegetables, fruit. This diet limits foods that came to be when people began farming such as grains and dairy. The goal of the Paleo diet is to rebalance our diet to what our ancestors most likely ate.

Is paleo healthy?

You can’t really argue with the idea of eating unprocessed lean meats, fruits and vegetables. We’ve personally eaten paleo for long periods of time and have felt great.

Pros and Cons of the Paleo Diet

This diet can be great for weight loss, overall health and blood pressure control. However, it restricts foods that are often thought of as healthy such as dairy and whole grains. These foods are often high in fiber and other nutrients so if you follow Paleo you’ll have to find those sources elsewhere.

What can you eat on a paleo diet?

Here are a few important foods when on the paleo diet: lean meats such as chicken, fish and eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds, and healthy fats. Stay away from processed foods with sugars, grains, vegetable oils and dairy.

Are potatoes paleo?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions and the debate out there is strong. In general it is thought that white potatoes are not paleo, but sweet potatoes are. This is because of the nutritional content of the potatoes. It’s true that white potatoes are often thought of as “junk food” when we make them into fries and chips, they are in fact real food and do have carbs and other nutrients that we need. In short, you need to decide for yourself if potatoes are something you can handle and will help you to feel your best.

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