Best Cookie Making Tools for Bakers

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If you love baking, here are the best cookie making tools for the home baker. Make gorgeous cookies, every time with quality kitchen utensils.

If you love baking, here are the best cookie making tools for the home baker. Make gorgeous cookies, every time with quality kitchen utensils.

Best Cookie Making Tools

You all know how much we love our cookie recipes around here. Big, bakery style cookies filled with cinnamon chips, chocolate chips, or glazed with buttermilk. Whatever way you like to eat your cookies,  here are some of the kitchen baking tools we wouldn’t be able to live without.

  1. KitchenAid Mixer. Whether it is a stand mixer or a 7-speed hand mixer, an electric mixer is an important place to start. This will ensure that all of the ingredients get evenly mixed together. Be sure to scrape the sides of the bowl several times while you are mixing!kitchenaid 7 speed hand mixer for easy cookie making
  2. Cute Mixing Bowl. And why not have a cute mixing bowl in the meantime? This one from Mud Pie makes me so happy. 🙂 bake the world a better place mixing bowl for cookie dough
  3. Silpat Baking Mat. I’m not sure what I did without these. Line your baking sheets with one of these and your cookies will not get too brown and will not stick to the pan. silpat baking sheet for making cookies
  4. Baking Sheets. I’ve used many kinds of baking sheets. Flat sheets with one edge, baking pans with edges on all four sides. And most recently, perforated baking sheets. I do notice a difference with these baking sheets. The bottom of the cookies are even cooked because air can circulate better. silpat non-stick cookie baking mat and perforated cookie sheet
  5. Cookie Scoop. So these are really like ice cream scoops, but come in all different sizes. Easily scoop uniform cookies with one click!cookie dough scoop for making uniform cookies
  6. Rolling Pin. I prefer to use a basic, wooden rolling pin. No frills!
  7. Cookie Cutters. It’s always good to have some basic cookie cutters. I’d say my circle cutters are the ones I use the most. You can make them into so many different things!Thick, soft, buttermilk sugar cookies are the best cutout cookies. Similar to lofthouse cookies, these are perfect with a dollop of buttercream frosting.
  8. Oven Thermometer. Do your cookies always brown too much or do they take longer than a recipe indicates? Be sure you’ve checked your oven temperature to make sure it is heating properly. These economical oven thermometers make it easy!
  9. Cookie Spatula. Rubber coated, the perfect size for transferring cookies from a pan to a wire cooling rack. It is heat resistant up to 600 degrees so can be used for pan cooking, too. The flexible rubber coating makes it easy to scrape dough off of spoons and bowls. Like a rubber spatula and metal spatula in one!rubber coated cookie spatula for moving cookies easily
  10. Cookie Cooling Racks. A necessary thing. But cooling racks take up a space that a lot of people don’t have. These are brilliant little stackable cooling racks for every kitchen. They collapse for easy storage, too! stackable cookie cooling racks
  11. Cute Cookie Plate. When it comes to cookies, taste is first, but presentation is next. I love this cookie plate and the little “Lookie…Cookies” cookie tongs. perfect size for holding about 10 large cookies or 15-20 small cookies.cute cookie plate for serving cookies at a party
  12.  Cookie Storage. Once your cookies are baked and cooked, you need somewhere to store them! I find that these Rubbermaid Takealongs are perfect for stacking several dozen cookies. These are my go-to cookie transporters and freezers. I freeze cookie dough in these stackable containers, too!

best cookie storage containers for freezing dough

Are any of these on your baking tools list?  Let us know what makes your best cookie making tools list!

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7 years ago

I’ll take them all! Seriously though, I love my scoop and stackable cookie racks!

Debbie Lind
7 years ago

I love my Kitchen Aid Stand mixer!!