Sugar Cookie Recipes

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Wondering how to make sugar cookies? Everyone has a different idea of the perfect sugar cookies. Here you’ll find descriptions and sugar cookie recipes for everyone!

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Cut Out Sugar Cookies
Soft Sugar Cookies
Easy Sugar Cookies
Flavored Sugar Cookies
Tools to Make Sugar Cookies
How To Freeze Cookie Dough

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You really just can’t go wrong with sugar cookies. Many people run to chocolate, caramel or fruit when they want to make a dessert, but sugar cookies are classic…timeless. You can make cut out sugar cookies, drop sugar cookies, crispy sugar cookies, or soft, chewy sugar cookies. Cookies with sprinkles or colored sugar…cookies with buttercream frosting. Cookies for lunchboxes or dressed up for Mother’s Day. There is no end to the possibilities!

Sugar cookie recipes are plentiful, but we’ve gathered together our best recipes so that you’ll have everything you need when the sweet tooth comes calling.

Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Cut out sugar cookies are ideal for holidays and special occasions because you can make them just about any shape you’d like. It’s important to have a good pastry mat and rolling pin so that the dough rolls out easily.

  • Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies: These are one of our favorite sugar cookie recipes for cutting special shapes. Even after baking they hold their shape well. They stay soft and freeze well also.
  • Buttermilk Sugar Cookies: Have you ever had a Lofthouse sugar cookie from the store? These soft buttermilk cookies are our copycat Lofthouse cookies. They grow and “poof” when baking making a cake-like cookie texture. This recipe works best with simple cookie shapes such as circles and large cookie cutters. This recipe will NOT hold its shape perfectly during baking, but are deliciously soft and go great with buttercream frosting.sugar cookies with sprinkles

Soft Sugar Cookies

I’m a sucker for soft cookies so it won’t surprise you that most of our sugar cookie recipes are soft and chewy.

  • Bakery Style Sugar Cookies: When I think bakery cookie, I think extra large and thick, with a sprinkling of sugar. With this recipe, we show you how to get your sugar cookies to look and taste like they are from a bakery.

Easy Sugar Cookies

  • Pillsbury Copycat Sugar Cookies: These are probably the easiest recipe we have for from-scratch, traditional sugar cookies. They mix up easily, stay soft and chewy, and get great reviews. You’ll find they taste similar to, but better than Pillsbury refrigerated cookies.
  • Refrigerator Sugar Cookies: If you like to buy sugar cookie dough in a tube at the store, why not make it at home? Whip up the dough, roll it into a log, then wrap the dough in plastic wrap. Refrigerate it for several weeks if you’d like, but once you know that dough is in your fridge you’ll have a hard time resisting pulling it out!
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Flavored Sugar Cookie Recipes

collage of sugar cookies

Tools To Make Sugar Cookies

If you’re making sugar cookies, you want it to go quickly and easily! Here are some of our favorite tools.

  • Stand Mixer: A hand mixer will work, but I always find it easier to make cookie dough with a stand mixer.
  • Beater Blade with Scraper: The best invention ever!
  • Silpat: For all of your non-stick, cookie-making needs. This is in the top 3 must-have kitchen tools. I don’t know what I’d do without them!
  • Baking Sheet: I like to use flat baking sheets for easy removing baked goods easily.
  • Pastry Mat: This silicone mat keeps your cupboard clean and makes rolling out pastries so easy.
  • Wire Cooling Racks: This will help your cookies cool more quickly.
  • Cookie Plate Set: Display your homemade cookies in style. Everyone thinks this cookie plate is adorable!

How to Freeze Cookie Dough

Many of these cookie recipes make great freezer cookies, either before or after baking. You can read all about freezing cookie dough here.

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6 years ago

Just read and enjoyed your sugar cookie post. I’m very interested in the chai cookies and the European butter. My go-to sugar cookie recipe calls for confectioner’s sugar and a teaspoon of cream of tartar and is excellent for handling and texture and taste.